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New concepts and trends in domestic cosmetics

New concepts and trends in domestic cosmetics

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  The new concept of cosmetics is new in basic cosmetics. In fact, the concept of basic cosmetics has been in foreign countries for nearly ten years. In foreign cosmetics counters, basic cosmetics account for about 30%, beauty cosmetics account for about 30%, and the rest is about 30% of hair care products. The so-called basic cosmetics are things that protect the skin before makeup. Today's cosmetics trends are:
  The first is the trend of naturalization. As long as cosmetics do not contain natural ingredients, there is almost no market in the international market, and products of purified chemicals will be eliminated in China. Natural cosmetics mainly refers to natural ingredients, that is, adding raw ingredients or natural ingredients to existing cosmetics. For example, amino acid is a natural ingredient. The amino acid is fermented from natural raw materials such as corn and sugar cane. It is a natural moisturizing and wrinkle-removing element. It can effectively repair the skin's natural protective ability and enhance moisturizing effect. It is the most natural moisturizer.
  The second is the trend of precision. As we all know, the cosmetics industry is a high-input industry, so the cost of cosmetics research in the world exceeds the cost of medicine, the production of cosmetics, the precision of equipment, close to or exceed the precision of medicine.
  The third is the serialization trend. Serialization refers to the serialization of a single species. For example, skin care lotion is based on the oiliness, dryness and neutrality of the skin. Depending on the age and gender, depending on the season, there are suitable cosmetics for different situations of the user. In the past, regardless of whether men, women and children have applied a cosmetic, this situation will not happen again. Because young people and the elderly are spotted and non-spotted, oily and oil-free, men and women, the skin is definitely not the same. In foreign countries, beauty salons have developed to the extent that cosmetics are formulated for every consumer, and cosmetics in the domestic market are also classified according to different skin types.
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