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Shower gel, shower lotion, bath salt, bath oil, etc.


· R&D Area ·

Mosia established a cosmetics R&D center covering an area of 1500 m², together with such famous scientific institutions like Nanhai Oceanographic Institution under Chinese Academy of Sciences and Foshan University.

This center is a comprehensive modern R&D base which combines raw material equipment, product refinement analysis and test, product function and effect evaluation and product amplification test. With labs for marine resources, Chinese herbal medicine and herbaceous plant, this center provides favorable support for the core function technology of Mosia.

Special care

Essence, eye cream, repair lotion, cleansing oil, anti-ance skin care liquid, anti-ance oil, anti-ance cream, anti-ance essence, anti-ance cleanser,

anti-speckle cream, anti-aging cream, whitening cream, sun block cream, sun block lotion, healing cream, relief cream, foot cream, hand cream,

anti-perspirant deodorant roll-on, exfoliating gel/essence, etc.

Sleeping mask, facial pad, eye mask, nose mask, ice

mask etc.



Baby shampoo, shower lotion, baby shower gel, skincare

cream, baby skincare lotion, liquid soap , nursing bottle

cleanser, fruit and vegetable cleaner , laundry detergent,

toilet water, body herbal lotion, baby powder, baby diaper

rash milk, prickly spray, stretch mark cream, etc.

· R&D ·

Product safety test skin feeling evaluation research


Research and development of new products and special



Product stability and other related characteristics test and research

Design formula and make sample for customer

Cosmetic raw material inspection and other monitoring tests

Verify the quality of the new product after  production



Shampoo, hair lotion, conditioner, elastin, hair conditioner,

treatment cream, hair mask, brilliantine pomade, hair oil,

hair-style liquid, hair-style gel, bath lotion,bath salt,

bath oil etc.



Dish washed, laundry detergent, liquid soap, fancy soap,

refresh air product, frangance solid, disposable hand

disinfectant gel, kitchen net oil, stainless steel cleanser,

collar cleanser, etc.