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The workshop is built with strict 100000 class GMPC compliance standards,use MIZUHO’s equipment,

used Japanese standard production process.The supporting facilities include the automatic production

line of tank stirring, emulsification, filling and packaging water treatment and various on-line testing

instruments.The production capacity is more than 30000 tons. Also Mosia has has a large warehouse

logistics center, with a strong product distribution capacity.

The Company owns a garden-like modern industrial park of nearly 100 acres, ISO9001: 2008

quality certification, the EU ISO22716 cosmetics certification and the US GMPC certification.

It also has advanced production equipment and first-class production environment which provide hardware support for the production of high quality products. It owns fully enclosed GMPC workshops equipped with clean air system at high purification level and ultraviolet light, ozone disinfection system, and a number of programmable automatic vacuum emulsification devices, where filling is done by fully automatic pneumatic and electric filling devices to realize zero-touch and

no bacteria operation.

Production Equipment:Mosia has main production filling equipment like MIZUHO,SIRIUS etc more

than 80,with 25 assembly lines, complete production equipment and mature production processes,

can meet the production needs and ensure the quality of various cosmetics